Undoubtedly, one of the things that women spend a lot of time every morning when choosing their dresses. When it comes to business clothes for business life and casual clothes for daily life, women are constantly getting lost in dress options. 

After choosing the appropriate dress, it is necessary to combine them. In this article, we have collected our tips for you to choose the right dress and combine it in the best way. Let's talk about dress selection first. When choosing a dress, you must first determine where and what to wear. The more absurd it will be to wear a stylish evening dress at a picnic, the more absurd it will be to wear a sports dress at an invitation.

First of all, you need to decide whether the dress you want to wear will be stylish, sports, masculine or floral. If you are going to wear it on special occasions, parties or dinners, you will need to choose an elegant dress. Once you have determined whether the elegant dress you choose will be velvet or tulle or bright or plain, you should combine them with suitable bags and shoes.

Since your dress is already stylish and active, we do not recommend using too many accessories. If you are going to wear your dress in daily life, weekend outings or at the beach, you should choose a sports dress. 

You need to decide whether the sports dress you choose will be floral, knitwear or pleated or shirt detailed according to the season and location. After choosing your dress, you can combine it with sneakers, sandals or a plain heel.

Another key point to consider in dress selection is body type. Knowing your body type and dressing accordingly will make you look perfect and make you feel confident and better. It is very important to know your body not only to determine the cut of the dress, but also to choose the right pattern. 

Women can have many different body types; apple body, pear body, rectangular body, hourglass body… There are dressing styles according to every body shapes. If you adopt the correct dressing style, you will be very relaxed while shopping and you will complete your outfits much easier.

As well as body shape, height and weight measurements are of great importance in choosing evening dresses or dresses. The length and cut of the dress should match your height and weight. Now let's examine the body types in order.

We always have good tailors for our production line. In that way, we can produce dresses that can draw attention. We can also make shapewear dresses that can add volume to your shoulders and busts if you are too lean. 

Dress Tips for Pear-Type Bodies

Women with pear shaped body are women whose upper body is narrower than the lower body, as can be understood from the shape of the pear. In other words, they are body types that are wider than the hips, shoulders and chest. In this body type, the part you need to camouflage is usually your bust and hips. The voluminous dresses that fit at the waist, A-cut and make the skirt look thinner than the waist will create a perfect look. 

When choosing evening dresses or dresses for a pear-type body, dresses with a puffy skirt, covering the hips, thighs and emphasizing the shoulders and waist allow you to achieve the ideal image. In addition, the pear body type with more minimal patterns or solid color dresses should be preferred. In pear body type, tight fish model dresses that cover the body should be avoided.

Women with this body type; As Bodyform, we recommend our pleated dresses, floral print dresses, half fisherman dresses and v-neck dresses that we carefully designed.

Dress Tips for Apple-Type Bodies

Women with apple shaped body are women whose body lines are thickened in the waist and hips. The legs of these women are thinner than the upper body. 

Women with apple-type body should prefer less active dresses. Evening dresses and dresses with a shabby neckline are a savior for this body type. The fact that women with apple body type prefer narrow-cut dresses that stick to the body will make them look much fatter than they are.

For women with apple body type, the most important point to pay attention to is to divert attention from the waist. Women with this body type should prefer dresses with their chest and legs in the foreground. 

V-neck and straight slit dresses are among the dress and evening dress models that should be preferred by the apple body type. Dresses and evening dresses with flying and shabby fabrics will be the key part of an elegant look.

Women with this body type; As Bodyform, we fit our ruffled dresses, silvery tulle dresses and multi-patterned long dresses, which we carefully designed.

Dress Tips for Rectangular Bodies

Women with a rectangular body type have bodies without curves and straight lines. For the definition of a rectangular body, we can say that small or medium breasts, uncurved shoulders and bodies with hips at waist level.  

Rectangle body shape should be avoided from waist-carved dresses, on the contrary, dresses with legs and shoulders should be preferred when choosing evening dresses. Evening dresses and dresses with straight cut, moving shoulders and back details are almost a point shot for this body type. If you have a rectangular body type; You should give a chance to evening dresses with stone details, silvery or draped shoulders.

Women with this body type; As Bodyform, we think that our carefully designed striped jacket dresses, collar button dresses and flannel dresses will look great.

Dress Tips for Hourglass Bodies

It is the golden ratio body type that every woman wants to have. Hips and breasts are very close, even the same, and if you have a body with a thin waist, you have an hourglass body shape. So whatever you wear will suit you. 

Fish dresses that cover the whole body in dress selection create the most ideal look for the hourglass body type. These dresses are called wrap dresses. Women with this body type will suit them whatever they want to wear. These women can easily draw the eye and drat attention from others. 

Everybody knows that dressing an hourglass cut dresses are easy. 

Women with hourglass figure, As Bodyform, we recommend our models with waist and belts, which we carefully designed.

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